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Oregon Car Insurance Quote

28 Nov 2011

Lender Bugging You for a Binder? Call us!Getting a car insurance binder is as easy as completing a couple of pages here and submitting a request to an Oregon car insurance agent. The agent will confirm a few things with you and then send a binder to your car dealer so you can take that car off the lot!

A binder is just a temporary contract or proof you have purchased full coverage car insurance. You don't have to wait around for the insurance company to send the dealer or the finance company a policy. That could take days. You want to drive away NOW! We can help. Just call us at 503-693-2852. We'll give you a quote. Take your down payment on a credit or debit card right over the phone. We'll send the dealer by email or fax immediately the binder they need so you can get on down the road. We'll also send an ID card you can carry in your car just in case you get caught going just a little too fast in your new car on the way home. The police will need to see proof of insurance.

You can sign the application later. Progressive and other companies make it easy to sign your application right on line. Sign it when you get back home right on your own computer. Easy as that. No need to come into the office, wait for hours and waste your time and gas.

We'll work with the dealer to be sure the right lender information is on the policy. You'll get your copy of the contract.